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Andrew Korkos, P.E., G.E., Principal Engineer

Mr. Korkos has over 31 years of experience conducting and directing geotechnical investigations for highway and railroad bridges, roadways and pavement, railroad track improvements, flood control facilities (including open channels, culverts, basins, levees, and pump stations), earth retaining structures, and buildings. Mr. Korkos has significant experience in grading including evaluating settlement of deep fills and stability of cut and fill slopes, and developing remedial measures for slope stabilization; he has practical field grading experience in observing excavations and compacted fill placement. Prior to joining Earth Mechanics, he worked at the Orange County Department of Public Works Materials Laboratory gaining considerable experience in pavement and roadway design and construction. Andrew has significant experience with design and construction of various types of earth retaining walls including conventional cast-in-place cantilevered walls, Mechanically Stabilized Earth walls, ground anchor walls, soil nail walls, soldier pile walls, and secant pile walls. Andrew is familiar with Caltrans, AASHTO, FHWA, and AREMA design and construction guidelines.

Areas of functional responsibility include managing projects and coordinating with clients: planning and managing field investigations and laboratory testing programs; reviewing and conducting geotechnical analyses and providing design parameters and recommendations; preparing reports, and providing technical support during construction.